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Price list

kiteboarding school croatia,skipper

Primary course                             7  days   500-700 euro
rent a boat murter jezera                         1  day  270 euro
Rent a boat for 7 days                           7  days  1500 euro
Windsurf primari course             1 day      100 euro
Windsurf sailing course              3 days     250 euro
Windsurf advsnced course         3 days     300 euro
Sailing with traditional boat        1 day       250 euro
Kiteboarding  Primary course     3 days     400 euro
Kiteboarding advanced course   1 day       200 euro

windsurfing school croatia,skipper
škola jedrenja murter,skipper, rent a boat murter jezera kornati,sunnset sailing trip
skipper na jadranu,najam jedrilice,škola jedrenja murter jezera,kiteboarding hrvatska, rent a boat jezera murter kornati

The price of the courses included:


Course according to the program (except in the case of windsurf and kiteboarding for which the mentioned accommodation and fuel is not valid) with the guidance of instructors, accommodation, fuel.


Notification Course prices are expressed for one person and are adjusted as needed by the number of participants. If you want a combination of courses or you have a proposal, feel free to contact us.

Bonsailing school

škola jedrenja hrvatska,kiteboarding croatia
škola jedrenja na dasci murter,skipper
škoa jedrenja murter,skipper
gajeta lateen sail,one day sailing murter,sailnk to kornati,trip to krnati,sailing and bicycling croatia kornati
siling cratia,one day saling murter,traditional sailing kornati,sailing to kornati
one day sang with traditional wooden boat gajeta,sailing trip to kornate,weekendsailing croatia, sailing and biking croatia murter
sailing with traditional wooden boat with latin sail,bike and sailing murter croatia,trip to kornati. sailing murter jezera,bonsailing school,sailing school murter
bicyacling and sailing croatia,1 day sailing murter tisno,sailing school croatia murtwer
bicycling and sailing murter croatia,1 day sailing murter,1 day sailing vodice, 1 day sailing pirovac
1 day sailng tisno,1 day sailing vodice,one day sailing tribunj, sailing croatia, rent a boat murter jezera kornati
tour with traditional boat latin sail, 1 day sailing murter tisno, trip to kornati with sailing boat,sailing school murter croatia,kiteboarding school murter croatia, rent a boat jezera murter kornati
1 week sailing croatia,trip to kornati,sailing and sviming murter,weekend sailing croatia,1 daybonsailing school sailing murter kornati, rent a boat kornati murter jezera tisno
1 week sailing croatia,one day sailing vodice, one day sailing šibenik kornati, šibenik sailing sailing šibenik
Ivica Meić-Sidić
Pilotova 2
22242 Jezera
mob:+385 98 757 438
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